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Marcel's Birthday: A Muscleboy's Treasuries

It is said, that God created biceps just for one reason: He wanted Marcel to flex them. I agree: If I was allowed to choose a body instead of mine, I would instantly take Marcel’s one. In my view he’s the perfect muscleboy: incredibly gorgeous pecs, perfect abs, and the most wonderful biceps in the world. And all the rest isn’t worse either! September 7th is Marcel’s 25th birthday.

I remember very well, when I saw Marcel for the first time. He was on photos and in videos of the site, and I said to my friends: Have you already seen this new model boy Marcel? I thought: If I had a model agency, I would instantly try to hire him. Obviously Ron Williams from Vistavideo had the same idea: Soon Marcel posed and flexed on his site. Up to now Marcel has starred in four Vistavideo DVDs. New ones are in the pipeline. Ron is surely the perfect photographer for finding always the best light for Marcel’s bulging muscles and for his boyish, cute smile.

But Marcel’s amazing look is not the only reason why he has a special meaning for me.

I could never rave about a fitness model who’s cocky or arrogant. In my view arrogance reduces charisma, and very soon I’m no longer fascinated by such guys. In one of his first interviews on Vistavideo Marcel introduced himself saying: „I’m Marcel, and I’m shy.“ I was impressed: looking so good, and at the same time being modest and reserved: very likable.

One of my friends, who’s to 110% straight, told me to send him any pics of Marcel I have. He explained me, whenever he saw Marcel’s bulging pecs, he got so highly motivated to hit the iron, that he had instantly to get to his gym and to follow his workout idol Marcel. Here you see Marcel’s impact: He’s the reason why many guys work out regularly. They build muscles, these muscles burn fat, and thus, Marcel prompts a healthier lifestyle among his fans!

In his first home video clips on Vistavideo Marcel is very concentrated and more quiet when explaining his training or when telling news from Vistaland. Meanwhile, after hundreds of such home video clips, the man has become a professional entertainer: He’s pretty cool, he’s joking, he’s even flirting with the camera. And when he’s smiling, you know that groove and inner beauty count more than the look of a person. Marcel personates zest for life.

I guess Marcel enjoys looking good and being admired for his amazing physique, but it’s surely not the most important thing for him. I guess he could do without all that: without popularity, without publicity, perhaps even without his good look, and could be happy anyway. I think Marcel is self-aware. I imagine that he doesn’t choose his friends according to their look but according to trust. And I imagine he's a guy who has a few, but very close friends.

This is not my birthday. Nevertheless I have some wishes, and I ask Marcel to keep working out, and to keep posing and showing off for us who enjoy it so much. In the last resort Ron must persuade him to flex, and to flex again. And please keep smiling and laughing. That’s as precious as your biceps.

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